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Change Management & Good Governance Directorate

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Change Management & Good Governance Directorate is one of Supporting Process Directorate in FIIDCA. It has the objectives of importing and creating sustainable organizational improvement within the agencythrough planning, coordinating, controlling and leading any new changes in the form of reform. Further, the Directorate stands to insure Good governance within the Agency.

In short; Change Management and Good Governance Directorate intended to address the following major duties:

  • Plan, coordinate, control and lead the directorate's overall activities
  • Introduce new working practice within the agency through experience sharing
  • Coordinate and Help to put into effect good governance within the Agency
  • Insure and follow up the implementation of any new reform and change ideas within the agency
  • Create conducive working environment for FIIDCA staffs

Contact Person:

Mr. Amanuel Mulatu

Director, Change Management & Good Governance Directorate

Tel No: +251-(0) -113- 69 99 42

Mob. No: +251- 912- 65 63 34

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it







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