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Finance and Procurement Directorate

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Objective of the Directorate

To ensuring appropriate utilization of financial resources obtained from government in line with the financial laws and directives of the country.

Structure of the Directorate

Finance and Procurement Directorate is accountable to the Director General for Operations. Currently, the directorate has three units accountable to it. These are Finance & Budgetunit, Procurement Unit and General Servicer & Transport pool Unit.

Objective of Finance &Budget unit

To ensuring appropriate utilization of financial resourcesof the agency

Is responsible to:-

  • Timely request budget from MOFEC for salary and operating activities.
  • Effect payment in line with the budget allocated by the government.
  • Respond to auditors queries timely and appropriately.
  • Prepare and submit reports on receipts and utilization of treasury budgets.
  • Timely close the books of accounts and present to internal and external auditors for review and take corrective action on audit findings.
  • Settle payments for any services, purchases, salary, allowance and other financial commitments of the Agency.

Objective of procurement unit

To optimize the contribution of the procurement function towards achieving the overall goals of the agency by coordinated and integrated action to fulfil a need for goods, services or works in a timely manner and at a reasonable cost

Is responsible to:-

  • Collecting the procurement request from all the Directorates & submitting the common user items to Public Procurement & Disposal Service.
  • Facilitate the purchase of goods and services,
  • Prepare documents in relation to purchase including bid and contract documents,
  • Facilitate the preparation of item specifications where needed,
  • Place an order,
  • Facilitate the receiving of goods from suppliers,
  • Follow up adherence to procurement proclamation, rules, regulations and directives,
  • Communicate the suppliers as per the contractual agreement when problem arises to the quality of goods received.

Objective of General Service and transport pool unit

To provide, protect, enhance effective and efficient utilization of property, transport, maintenance, duplication, security, archive sanitation services and other services to all departments of the Agency.

Is responsible to:-

  • Managing and controlling properties of the Agency by recording, maintaining and distributing office materials and equipment to users.
  • Discard used materials after getting approval from senior management.
  • Managing Transport, maintenance, duplication, security & sanitation services


Endalkachew Misganaw Abate

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