Communication Directorate

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About the Directorate

Communication directorate primarily is working on building the Agency good image for internal and external public. It is also responsible for managing the public relations aspect within the Agency. Builds and sustains the Agency's reputation for quality, reliability, and public satisfaction. Writes and delivers press releases and handles all communication sent to the public.

It works on collecting, organizing, producing and disseminating information to address the public in accordance with timeliness, credibility, accuracy and fairness manner. The directorate acts up on the Agency as Spokesman to publicize and promote the overall activities to the public. It works on creating encouraging working environment within the agency and building positive attitudes through continuous and effortful public relation and communication practices and strategies.

The Agency communication’s directorate typically head up and organize a team of communications responsible for representing the Agency to the external public. Besides communications directorate serve as the public face for their place of employment.

Primary responsibilities

  • Manage Agency brand and reputation.
  • Ensure public views the organization favorably.
  • Create and launch press releases and events.
  • Contact members of the media to set up interviews with company representative.
  • Get company featured on radio, TV, or the Internet.
  • Drive corporate strategy and message development, pitch and announcement strategies.
  • Develop branding initiatives, internal communications and external media relations.
  • Determines communications strategy and execute programs to deliver communications objectives throughout the organization.
  • Develop communication strategies for delivery of corporate culture and business strategy.
  • Manage media relations and maximize media opportunities.
  • Develop strong relationships with media reps.
  • Develop delivery and packaging plans for corporate messages.
  • Develop internal publications such as newsletters, releases, email announcements, planned publications, on-line, intranet, video, special projects and assignments.
  • Create rich and creative content that is optimized for search engines.
  • Hire and train PR assistants and account executives.


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