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Legal Affairs & Service Directorate

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About the Directorate፡-

·      Basically the directorate has a task of reviewing policies, laws, and regulations of the infrastructure implementing organs from the perspective of integrating infrastructures and it will give suggestions to the management.

·     It will give a legal advice on the process of developing compensation payment formulaby showing the loophole of the previous compensation payment laws and try to make the new one fair and better in terms of reinstating peoples affected by expropriation.

·      It will propose a law based solution for the complaint brought by peoples affected by expropriation with regard to compensation.

·     It will work on preparationof a draft regulation which enables the agency to exercise its mandate given under the establishment proclamation in effective way and follow up its implementation.

·   It will support implementing organs in integrating infrastructural works toaccomplish their responsibilityimposed under the establishment proclamationand it will propose a legal measure to be taken on those who are not working according to the law.

·      It will prepare and/or evaluate different contracts to be made legally and for the best interest of the agency.

Team Composition

There are 1 Director, 3 legal officers and 1 secretory under the directorate.

All members will participate on all the tasks of the directorate that are listed above and they will give a professional advice on other tasks of the agency that needs any legal support.

Contact Person
Mr. Jemal Abedela Bedasso
Director: Legal Affairs & Service
Tel: 251-13-698370
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Jemal Abdella Bedasso

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